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Charity Lutes

Birth Doula

Hi, I’m Charity!

I love art, travel, baking, and family time. I’m passionate about birth and supporting growing families.

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My story

I started hearing birth stories from a young age. Most of the stories weren’t particularly positive. I remember noticing a lot of language that sounded powerless. “They did this,”“they said I had to do that.” It just didn’t sound like people were being given real choices! That felt so wrong to me. When I decided to have my first child I knew I needed a different experience.

I did a ton of research

I wanted to be as informed as possible so I could take charge of my birth experience. I chose a provider and birth setting that I trusted to respect my wishes and give me the opportunity to make decisions for myself and my baby. It was such a positive and empowering experience. It sparked a passion for birth that has only grown! I’m committed to helping my clients make informed decisions and take charge of their birth experience. I want to provide the support needed to have the best experience possible and to feel confident in taking charge of your birth.

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What I bring to your experience

DONA training, Hypnobabies experience, Evidence Based Birth Informed

DONA is considered the gold standard of doula training programs. Training includes comfort measures, advocacy, thorough understanding of labor and common interventions. I am also prepared to support partners and help them be confident in supporting the birthing person.

A thirst for knowledge and passion for research

I love learning about birth and I am passionate about having the most up to date information. I am always reading and listening to podcasts and have a great collection of resources to share.

A calming, grounding presence

My philosophy: I am here to empower and support you. You take the lead.

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What is a doula?

A doula provides continuous informational, emotional, and physical support during pregnancy and labor. This can look like:

  • Answering questions via text or call throughout pregnancy
  • Sending informational resources--articles, studies, podcasts
  • Prenatal visit to help create a birth plan
  • Visit to go over postpartum plan
  • Hands on practice for comfort measures including breathing practice, counterpressure, and position changes
  • Partner support to help them prepare and be a confident member of the birth team
  • During birth--counter pressure, massage, cool cloth, fan, answering questions, encouragement, facilitating conversations with medical team
  • A postpartum visit to process the birth and check in on mental health
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Service Packages

I offer a brief free consult for us to get to know one another and determine if we are a good fit.

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Birth Doula Package


  • Two prenatal visits to discuss your birth preferences, history, comfort measures, and the role you see me filling in your birth
  • Selene Birth Resource Guide--a digital guide with educational and local resources
  • Phone/text support during pregnancy
  • Continuous support during labor and birth, and about one hour following birth to assist in bonding and feeding
  • One postpartum visit to help you process your birth and ask any questions as well as go over postpartum wellness.


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Birth Preferences Consultation

This will be about a two hour appointment. We will talk about different options you have during birth, after birth, and for your baby. We will go over the evidence on these options. Following the appointment you will receive any additional information you have requested, and a printable birth preferences document you can take to your provider.


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Comfort Measures Education

A two hour, hands on appointment with your partner present. I will help you learn different options to provide natural comfort and pain relief during labor. This will be tailored to your interests but typically includes counter pressure, affirmations, pressure points, and massage. This appointment is up to two hours long.


*should you choose to hire me as your doula following this appointment (subject to availability), the fee will be applied towards the Birth Doula Package

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Work with Me

I do free consultations for us to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit. Reach out!

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Call or text: 801-200-6645